The children in Dragonflies enjoyed their Christmas party yesterday. Everyone looked fabulous in their party outfits. Parents provided some yummy food- thank you. There were giggly games and a special visit from Santa, who high fived everyone. Finally they danced till they dropped! Have a look at the photos to find out more.

DSCN3141 DSCN3144 DSCN3145 DSCN3147 DSCN3148 DSCN3149 DSCN3150 DSCN3151 DSCN3152 DSCN3153 DSCN3154 DSCN3155 DSCN3156 DSCN3157 DSCN3158 DSCN3159 DSCN3161 DSCN3163 DSCN3166 DSCN3171 DSCN3172 DSCN3176 DSCN3178 DSCN3181 DSCN3184 IMG_0284 IMG_0292 IMG_0299 IMG_0305 IMG_0311 IMG_0314 IMG_0317 IMG_0320 IMG_0323 IMG_0326 IMG_0328 IMG_0332 IMG_0335

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