A huge well done to the talented team at Windy Nook. This year’s panto (Peter Pan) was excellent yet again. I’ve uploaded a few pictures from the first night and some from rehearsals as well. This wouldn’t be possible without the support and help from our staff, pupils, parents, grandparents and carers.

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See you again next year!DSCF6992 DSCF6994 DSCF6995 DSCF6996 DSCF6997 DSCF6998 DSCF6999 DSCF7001 DSCF7002 DSCF7003 DSCF7004 DSCF7006 DSCF7009 DSCF7010 DSCF7013 DSCF7019 DSCF7023 DSCF7024 DSCF7025 DSCF7026IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0101 IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0106 IMG_0107 IMG_0108 IMG_0109 IMG_0110

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