This week we are learning about the Three Little Pigs and the children have already shown great interest in the story and have been showing high levels of engagement and interest in their child initiated play.

The children have been busy in the builders site designing their own buildings and then constructing them using the materials around them. We have had lots of turn taking and thinking about each other’s ideas.

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Children have been making houses using straw, bricks and sticks and testing to see if they would blow down. We have also been using 2D shapes to build houses for the pigs, becoming familiar with the shape names and characteristics.

img_2833 img_2835 img_2837 img_2840 img_2842 img_2843


The children have been molding their own pigs in the play dough and are thinking carefully about what they are going to make and what materials they might need to achieve their aims.

img_2845 img_2847

We were having so much fun and this was only our first day … I wonder what excitement will be happening today in the Ladybirds?

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