… said the Dragonflies and Ladybirds classes at about 1.15 p.m today. Everyone was ready in their party clothes. Lots of food had been brought to school by mams, dads and carers. The party music was switched to full volume, so the fun could begin on cue. Here are some great pictures, but there are more to come. Watch this space.img_2422 img_2423 img_2427 img_2428 img_2431 img_2432 img_2433 img_2435 img_2436 img_2437 img_2439 img_2440 img_2441 img_2442 img_2446 img_2447 img_2448 img_2450 img_2454 img_2455 img_2457 img_2458 img_2459 img_2460 img_2461 img_2462 img_2463 img_2464 img_2465 img_2466 img_2467 img_2468 img_2469 img_2470 img_2471 img_2472 img_2473 img_2474 img_2475 img_2476 img_2477 img_2478 img_2479 img_2574 img_2576 img_2577

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