We would like to say a huge thank you to Helen McDonald who works for the National Trust as Head Ranger at Gibside. I contacted Helen as I had spotted some fantastic logs being chopped down at Gibside and I thought to myself how much the children would enjoy them in our outdoor area. Helen very kindly asked the rangers working in the forestry about it and got back in touch to say that they could give us some logs.

So far the children have been using them in the mud kitchen and in the grass area, creating lots of different role plays of BBQs, bonfires and dinner parties. The smaller slices of wood have been used for jumping along, creating patterns and making obstacle courses. We still have a few logs under our shelter and we are planning to make some shelves and/or a seating area on the decking using different sized logs.

Thanks again to Helen and the team at Gibside who very kindly organised and donated the logs to us.

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