To link in to Anti-Bullying Week, Snowdrops have been working on a video clip in English called ‘For the Birds.’ To begin the week they looked at what they thought bullying was in groups and linked it to what they saw in the video.

Next, they acted out the video in groups of 7. The children played amazing parts as Big Birds and the smaller birds and were super creative, even using their cardigans as feathers!

They all were able to empathise with Big Bird and worked on post-its to record how he may have felt when he was being bullied. They then acted in role as the smaller birds to insult him and apologised by scrunching up their words. They all learnt that although saying sorry is the right thing to do, the emotional scars remain and we all need to think before we speak!

We have all created a compliment list for each other in Snowdrops too which we are going to turn into a Kenning next week. Watch this space for updates on our finished writing!

And if that wasn’t enough, everyone worked really hard in Computing this week to help ‘Duncan’ with all of his bullying problems on Purple Mash by sending him emails and learning when reporting to an adult is the right thing to do.


Phew! We’ve been very busy… Same again next week!

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