Reception have learned lots today about freezing and melting, usually a topic we learn about in Winter but seeing as the snow and ice came to us we thought we better take advantage of it. The children have found out about how when it’s really cold the water on the ground freezes and turns to ice and the water in the clouds freezes to form snowflakes.

We did two types of investigations where we put water in the tray outside to see if it would melt and how long it would take and we also brought ice to the inside tray, this ice melted very quickly. The children made lots of great observations about the ice melting and were beginning to talk about why it was melting.

By the end of the morning the snow became heavier and began to settle, it was like a swirling whirling snow storm, and in the afternoon we put on our wellies and wrapped up warm and made different snow sculptures, including snowmen and snow reindeers.


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