The children in the Ladybirds classroom have quickly settled into their first week back and have been learning all about how to be healthy. We started the week thinking about healthy foods with a healthy/unhealthy food hunt outside, some children knew what foods were good for you and others thought if you liked the food then it was healthy, including chocolate cake and sweets. They soon began to learn about what foods were healthy/unhealthy through conversations, stories and our healthy eating cafe. In the cafe this week the children have made healthy sandwiches for each other, at the brilliant cost of 10p. In the writing area the children have already voted for what fruits they would like in the cafe for next week, including, watermelon, pineapple and strawberries. Outside the cafe, the children made their own healthy fruit juice using lemons and oranges. We then explored the importance of exercise and joined in with the exercise station outside, reading the different instructions and following them, and joining in with the disco dancing. We have also conducted an experiment to think about what sugary drinks do to our teeeth. We put one egg in each drink (water, milk, sugar water and lemonade) and observed the changes over time. The egg in the lemonade has already started decaying whereas the other eggs haven’t showed much change.


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