These are just some of the highlights from this week in the Ladybirds class. We have continued with our healthy eating theme and the children have been able to make their own fruit salad. The votes the children made last week in the writing area were counted and watermelon was the most popular fruit that they wanted to try so yesterday we all tried a slice, most of us thought it was delicious and very juicy! The children have also been sorting foods by whether they are healthy or unhealthy for us and talking about other ways to keep healthy like exercising, brushing our teeth and washing our hands (next week’s topic). They have also played the sultanas adding game by rolling two sets of dice, counting out the sultanas into two bowls, finding the total, recording this as an addition sentence and as a reward, eating the sultanas.


As part of World Religion Day which is on 21st January, we learnt about Bhangra dancing, the children were able to copy most of the dance moves and had loads of fun!

We then wrapped up warm and played in the snow!

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