Hello Bluebells,

I am sure by now, you have all had some fun in the snow and are ready to do some learning whilst school is closed. Therefore, I would like you to complete the following homework tasks before we return to school:

  1. Logon to https://www.purplemash.com  complete the 2Do – Time Conversions. I know your family, carers or friends will be able to help you to learn and complete all of the activities. While you are online challenge yourself to any of the games to practise your times tables.
  2. Write a fabulous diary entry about your snow day adventures. Remember to use chatty language, lots of adjectives to expand your noun phrases, adverbial openers and this week’s WOW words to score team points.

I will have a look at your maths homework before we return to school and look forward to listening to you read your diary entry to the class. Bring in any photos, too.

Remember we have been rewarded with a non-uniform day on Friday to celebrate Bluebells’ most improved attendance award. To show you all how proud she is, Mrs Forrest has also arranged juice and biscuits as an extra treat.

Stay safe, have fun!

Mrs Liddle




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