Hi there Team,

I hope you’re suitably enjoying the snow whilst staying safe.

Whilst you’re off school, I’d like you to complete the following please:

Watch newsround (on the TV or online) or read a newspaper report. Write down any facts/information you can gather about the ‘snow storm’ we are experiencing. We are going to use this information to write our own newspaper reports, once we return.

Write down all the words and phrases you associate with this weather – this will help us in our descriptive writing when we return.

Concentrate on your 6,7,8 x table and squared numbers – you could access times tables rockstars or use your laminated sheets I sent home during February half term.

Want a challenge? Try to remember: 1³, 2³, 3³, 5³ and 10³ (we started working on this on Monday and Tuesday).

Take care everyone and I’ll look forward to seeing you all soon
Mrs Hocking

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