It’s only the first week back after the holidays and the Ladybird children have been so busy learning all about minibeasts. They now know minibeasts categorise all small animals like bees, spiders, snails, worms, flies, ants, butterflies, etc. They have learnt facts about minibeats through fiction and non-fiction books – have they told you any at home? In the creative area children have been making minibeasts, including ladybirds, snails and caterpillars. They have been reading minibeast facts and matching these to the correct minibeast as well as finding their own minibeasts in the outdoor investigation area. We are observing the life cycle of a butterfly and the caterpillars arrived in their pot this week! We have also met ‘Gary’ the grasshopper and ‘Barry’ the fly who have been teaching us how to count back using a number line.


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