Meet General Ludendorff and Field Marshall Paul Von Hindenburg

Our German cadets were surprised on Wednesday 20 June when the German High Command, General Ludendorff and Field Marshall Paul Von Hindenburg paid an unexpected visit.

Ludendorff’s plans for a major breakthrough of the allied lines in Northern France were fast unravelling during June 1918. The famous German general, victor over the Russian Empire and war hero, requested advice as to what Germany should do next. Beset by allied counter-attacks, plagued with an increasing shortage of supplies and fear of revolution and starvation at home, he contemplated what to do next. The cadets stepped up to the mark with enthusiasm.

The choices were stark – Surrender (unthinkable but perhaps necessary); seek an armistice and hope President Woodrow Wilson’s plea for a fair settlement might win the day; or to make one more vital push against the allies. The children deliberated the factors affecting each option and decided by a majority that Germany needed to seek an armistice to stop the blood-shed and to discuss the terms of a peace treaty.

General Ludendorff expressed his deep gratitude to the cadets for their sound advice and said he would implement their proposal immediately. At last peace in our time!


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