Not exactly the Western Front but as close to it as you can get in North-East England. We spent a most stimulating day today at the Heugh Battery Museum at Hartlepool where there is a superb display of both First and Second War artefacts. Our year six was split into four groups and each had a taster session of various aspects of Life at the Front in the First World War.

The children ‘tasted and smelt’ life in the trenches with all its horrors of rats (at least stuffed ones that squeaked) and a novel way of protecting you from gas attacks by pressing wee-saturated handkerchiefs to the mouth and nose. ‘Ughhh!’ with capitals. Other diversions including handling an array of weapons from the Armoury, writing home with the courtesy of the army censor’s red pencil and a tour of the fort which suffered massive bombardment from the German navy in December 1914 – an onslaught which also claimed the lives of 112 citizens of Hartlepool as well as 400 wounded.

A fascinating time had by all.



Communications and Censorship

Trench Tour

Heugh Battery Tour – The German Raid


Heugh Battery Tour and Lunch

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