Article 12: you have the right to an opinion and to be listened to.

Article 13: You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people.

Article 28: You have the right to a good quality education. You should be encouraged to go to school to the highest level you can.

What a fantastic morning Owls have had. Linked to our topic theme of castles we have been reading the text Small Knight and George and the Royal Chocolate Cake. We have also been looking at instructions and what a better way to read and follow was to make a chocolate cake! The children were fantastic at measuring and mixing ingredients. They worked with their partner taking turns and supporting each other to follow the instructions in the correct order. The moment of truth was when they came out of the microwave. The smell in our classroom was scrumptious! Making our Royal Chocolate Cake has helped to prepare the children for writing their own set of instruction. Watch this space!


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