KS2 Performance Data

Summary of KS2 Results 2016

KS2 Sat results 2016

 From ‘Information for parents: results from the 2016 national curriculum assessments’, Standards and Testing Agency (2016)

The new Key Stage 2 tests

2016 was the ­first year of the new Key Stage 2 tests in reading; spelling, punctuation and grammar; and mathematics. The tests assess children against a national standard. This year’s tests are the ­first tests to reflect the new primary curriculum, which was introduced in 2014.

As this is the ­first year of the new tests, the results will look different from those of previous years and cannot be compared with them directly.

Individual results in each test are reported using a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 represents the expected standard for each test. If a pupil attains a scaled score of 100 or more, it means that they are working at or above the expected standard in the subject. If a child receives a scaled score of less than 100, it means that they may need more support to reach the expected standard. The highest scaled score possible is 120, and the lowest is 80.

As the new standard is higher than the old one, fewer children have met the new expected standard than the previous standard. If you want to see how your child’s test scores compare with the national average for each subject, you can do so by clicking here.


Test Results 2016 – 42 pupils, PP 10 pupils, SEN 7 pupils

  Reading SPAG Maths Writing (Teacher Assessment) R, W &M
% of pupils achieved expected standard 69% 64% 52% 86% 50%
% of pupils achieved a higher level of achievement 17% 17% 7% 19% 2%
Average scaled score 100.9 102.8 99.2 NA NA


Progress measures

This is the valued added progress that your children have made from one key stage to another.

Reading Writing Maths
-0.4 +3.1 -2.7


Summary of KS2 Results 2015

Please find below a synopsis of the results of the KS1 and KS2 results.


Level  4+ Level  5+ Level 6
Reading 84% 44%
Writing 93% 47%
SPAG 84% 60% 11%
Maths 84% 40% 9%


Expected Progress Better than expected progress
Reading 87% 38%
Writing 100% 44%
Maths 91% 38%


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