Bluebells (Y3)

Miss Crowe

Welcome to Bluebells

We are the Bluebells.

Our teacher is Miss. Crowe. Miss. Crowe is always ready to help with any task, no matter how small. Never be afraid to ask.

Our ethos is ‘Work hard and always try your best’.


Important information:

Spellings will be given out on a Monday to be tested on the Friday. These are expected to be practised at home regularly.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and returned the following Wednesday. Spellings and times table are expected to be practised regularly over the week.

P.E. is on a Monday- children are expected to have their kit to participate (P.E. kit will be taken home after use and not left on school premises).

If your child is having a school lunch please ensure that payment is brought in at the beginning of the week.


Butterfly Wall at the Great North Museum

On a recent trip to the Great North Museum, children from LKS2 made donations as part of the cost. These donations allow the Museum to continue its fantastic work. By doing this, we were able to choose four butterflies for the Butterfly Wall which will be on display...

Trip to Great North Museum

Today the Bluebells, Snowdrops and Tulips were lucky enough to visit the Great North Museum in Newcastle. As part of their topic work last half term the children were learning about the history of the Ancient Egyptians. Today we had a tour of the museum focusing...

Book Review

The Bluebells have thoroughly enjoyed learning about Ancient Egyptians this half term. They will really impress you with their knowledge. Our final task this week was completing the reading of ‘The Cat Mummy’ by Jacqueline Wilson and writing a book review. There were...

Fun Fractions!

The children in the Bluebells are continuing to understand fractions of shapes and also beginning to recognise fractions of quantities. Today we used cubes to understand halves and quarters of amounts.

Internet Safety

Today the children were lucky enough to have an internet safety drama workshop from a specialist teacher. They learned lots of tips about how to stay safe online. It was fun and there was some great acting.  

Egyptian Research

Children in the Bluebells carried out some fabulous research at home for their non-chronological reports on Ancient Egypt last week. Then, in Literacy we have been note taking from the research and recording the information on a spider diagram. Today, we carried...

Fractions of Shape

Today the Bluebells have recapped their learning from KS1 on fractions of shapes. They discussed the vocabulary related to fractions, such as numerator, denominator and parts of a whole. We then used cakes to see how halves and quarters would be represented as a...


Our topic in the Bluebells this half term is Ancient Egypt. Today we watched videos and read an instructional text on how Ancient Egyptians were mummified. Later in the week we will be sequencing and writing our own instructions. We also played a fun game in groups in...

Telling the Time

The Bluebells are working hard to read the time on an analogue clock. Today they played the game 'Stop the Clock' reading the time to the nearest quarter of an hour. It was great fun. Please can you encourage your child to tell the time whenever possible at home? (It...

Whole School Christmas Sing Along

The whole school had a great time in the hall this morning at our Christmas Sing Along. There was lots of singing and dancing to Christmas songs and lots of fun was had by everyone. Merry Christmas everyone!!!!

Party Party Party!

This afternoon LKS2 had a fantastic Christmas Party! They played Christmas Corners, Pass the Parcel and had a dancing competition.   Great fun was had by all.  

Maths Workshop

Today the Bluebells were lucky enough to have parents/carers visit for a maths workshop. They worked alongside the children to understand how we teach formal methods and also the importance of place value, times tables and maths in the environment. It was very...

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