Dragonflies (Reception)

Mrs Ramanandi

Feeling safe

Dragonflies have been talking about where they feel safe. They've answered lots of questions and celebrated with a special necklace made from pasta and a safety medallion.

Children in Need celebrations- Dragonflies

Everyone had a great time raising money for Children In Need. Dressing up and face painting were the tops in Dragonflies. Juice and biscuits ran a close second! Look at our lovely photos of the day. 

Pudsey Power!

It's been Pudsey Power all the way in Nightingales today. The children have had a great day. Thank you for all your support in dressing up the children and your kind donations to a very good cause.    

Divine Divali in Dragonflies

Children in Dragonflies have learned about Divali celebrations this week. They have made some gorgeous diva lamps to help them understand this festival of lights. 

Whoosh! Bang! Fabulous Firework week

It's been an exciting first week in Reception and Nursery. Pupils have been learning about bonfire night celebrations. Dancing and moving, cutting and sticking, reading and writing, baking and tasting have all been happening. Bags of glitter, sequins, chocolate...

Early years autumn fun

The children in the Caterpillars, Ladybirds and Dragonflies classes are finding out about what happens in the autumn. They've harvested the potato crop, begun to fasten their own coats on cold days and watched the leaves changing colour in the yard. Today's weather...

A day in the woods

Ladybirds and Dragonflies went to Thornley Woods for the whole day. What an adventure they had! They walked up and down the hill, had a picnic, followed the sculpture trail, did bark rubbing, made beds for the toys, forest crowns, looked under trees and best of all...

Ladybirds Walk In The Woods

Yesterday the Ladybirds and Dragonflies enjoyed a trip to Thornley Woods. We had a fantastic time exploring and investigating this different environment. Take a look at all the wonderful activities we took part in! Let us know what you think of our adventure. We...

Big and little readers

On Tuesday and Wednesday there was a special event attended by mams, dads and carers. They met up with their children from Windy Nook Reception classes and enjoyed some phonics and reading activities together. Everyone found out about Fred Frog's special visits to the...

Maths Chip Shop

Reception pupils planted the potatoes, dug them up, washed and cut the chips (long and short). Mrs Hanratty cooked them. THEN we had our own chip shop. Chips cost 6p, 10p or 12p and tasted de-lic-ious! They were even wrapped in a paper cone. Mrs Wilson said it was her...

Technology plays its part in Reception

There are so many new things to do in reception classes at Windy Nook. Dragonflies are getting to grips with programming toys. First they explored the controls and then they got down to work by helping builders make a wall right across the room. Bricks and staff were...

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