Elms (Y5)

Mrs Hope

Welcome to Elms

We are the Elms and are looking forward to working hard in Year 5 our teacher is Mrs.Hope







Important Information:

Homework will be given out on Friday and will be due in on Wednesdays. Homework will comprise English, Maths and Spelling. Spellings will be tested weekly on Fridays.

Reading should take place at home every night, and diaries should be completed and brought into school on a daily basis.

P.E. is on Fridays each week. Please ensure your child has in school a full P.E. kit, including trainers. P.E. kits will be taken home after use.

Please ensure all school lunch money is paid weekly on a Monday morning.

New non-fiction books!

Article 28: You have the right to a good quality education. Article 31: You have the right to play and rest. Lots of new non-fiction books have been put in the KS2 library this week. They have been bought using some of our 'rewards' from the book fair we held in...

Online Safety Awareness in Years 5 and 6

Today we had a visit from PC Graham of Northumbria Police. He visited to discuss current online safety issues and how we can protect ourselves when online. He stressed the importance of ensuring that when we add someone as a friend online, we also know them in real...

Crank It Up!

This morning, Year 5 took part in an outreach session hosted by Beamish Museum to launch their Crank It Up project. Over the coming weeks, Year 5 will work in 2 teams to build a working crane using K'Nex. We will then compete against other schools in a competition to...

Easter Egg Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Easter egg design competition. Zoe from the Co-op at Beacon Lough came along to judge the entries. The winning entries were: Nursery - Alex B Dragonflies - Gabriella A Ladybirds - Jackie G Robins—Matthew P Owls—Carter P...

Mapping Marvels

Article 12: you have the right to an opinion and to be listened to. Article 13: You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people. Article 28: You have...

House point winners’ reward

Emeralds were the winning house this term. They enjoyed their house point rewards this afternoon. It was great to see so many board games being enjoyed. I wonder who will win next term. Article 31: You have the right to play and rest.  

Mrs Broomhall’s AM Oaks Holiday Homework

All of the children have been given revision booklets for the Easter Holidays. They have also copied the spellings that they got wrong on their most recent assessment in to their new diaries to practice at home. These will be tested in the first week back.  

Easter Cards in Elms

This afternoon in Elms, we became artists, creating our own still life paintings. We sketched vases of spring flowers then used watercolours to paint. We produced some lovely artwork! Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and...

Key Stage Two Easter Service 2019

Key Stage Two performed their Easter Service at St Alban's Church for parents and carers this week. Year 5 took the lead, retelling the Easter story. The narrators and readers all did a fantastic job. We also sang and signed a range of songs, led by the ever brilliant...

Mrs Broomhall’s AM Class Homework 28.3.19

This week's homework is as follows- Y5- English-p14-15 Clauses Maths-p67-70 Revision Test Y6- English-p28-p29 Linking Paragraphs Maths-p74-77 Revision Test Comprehension-p.12 Facts about Hurricanes This week's spellings will be individualised words that the children...

Mrs Hope’s Morning Class: Homework 22.3.19

This week's homework is as follows: Maths: p38&39 Grammar: p30&31 Comprehension: p4&5 Spellings: the class will be looking at words ending 'ent' e.g. experiment. The statutory words we will focus on will be: hindrance, identity, immediately, individual,...

Super Spring disco!

A good time was had by all at our Spring disco. Music, dancing, games, food, fun and friends...what more could you ask for? A huge thank you to our PTFA for organising it. Article 31: You have the right to play and rest...

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