Owls (Y1/2)

Mrs Short


Welcome to Owls

Hi and welcome to Owls. Our teacher is Mrs Short.

In Owls we love to have fun and learn lots of new and exciting things. We always try our best in everything we do.


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Important information:


Is every Friday. Please make sure your child has a full P.E. kit; a white t-shirt, black shorts trainers/plimsolls with their name on.

Home Reading Books

Your child’s book will be changed every Thursday.

Reading books are changed by the child with guidance from teaching staff. Each child is expected to read regularly at home (at least 3 times per week).

Maths and English Homework

This will be given out every Thursday to be returned to be returned on Monday. It will alternate – one-week Maths the following week English.

RWInc. Phonics

This will be given out on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday.

Spelling Test

Your child will receive new spellings on a Friday to be tested the following Friday.

In Owls we encourage the children to be as independent as possible. It is their responsibility to ensure they take their books and homework out of their bags and place them into the correct baskets. If your child does not complete or return their homework they will miss their Golden Time reward on a Friday afternoon.


Is it more than? Or less than? Or equals to in Owls?

Owls have been looking at comparing quantities of objects. They worked with their talking partners to discuss what amount was more, less or equal to. Article 1: Everyone, under 18, has the rights of the UN Convention Article 2: All children have rights. No child...

Sharing Smarties

Today Year 2 have been looking art ways to share smarties and write division calculations. We have been sharing 6, 8 and 12 smarties in different ways. Then of course we had to eat them! Yum yum! Article 28: You have the right to a good quality education. You should...

Searching for signs of Autumn…

Year 2 have been outside looking for signs that Autumn is here. We were amazed by what we found! We stumbled across conkers, fir cones and piles of leaves. The children thought of lots of adjectives to describe our findings such as, shiny, smooth, crimson, crunchy,...

Budding Artists in Owls

Owls have been finding out how to draw a self portrait. First they were asked to draw a self portrait of what they thought they looked like. They were then shown step by step instructions on how to correctly draw a self portrait along with using a mirror to look for...

Comparing weight and length.

This week we have had lots of practical maths lessons to help our understanding of comparing weight and length. The children have worked very hard to understand the statements of longer than, shorter than, same as, heavier than, lighter than and equal to. Article 1:...

Owls discuss what is a balanced diet.

During our science lesson Owls had a great discussion about what is a balanced diet. We talked about getting the right balance of sugar and fat in our diet and what happens if we don't eat a balance diet. They had great fun sorting different types of food into the...

What’s it like to be a grandad?

As part of our topic in KS1, 'Me and My Family', the children have been thinking about different roles within the family. We had a visitor in school who is part of our school community and is a grandad to four of our pupils. The children had prepared questions to...

Representing ………

Owls have worked super hard this week representing different amounts in 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s and Tens and Ones.        Article 1: Everyone, under 18, has the rights of the UN Convention Article 2: All children have rights. No child should be treated unfairly. Article 12:...

ICT whizzes

Owls have been spending their ICT sessions learning how to log on with a username and password, opening a programme and then logging off. Article 1: Everyone, under 18, has the rights of the UN Convention Article 2: All children have rights. No child should be treated...

Owls Workout

For our P.E. lessons this half term we are taking part in HITT sessions. 30 seconds of high intensity exercise then a 10 second rest repeated for 10 minutes. The children have had great fun - and were totally exhausted by the end 🙂 Article 1: Everyone, under 18, has...

Book Buddies Begin

KS1 book buddy lunchtime library sessions started this week. Year 6 pupils run the lunchtime library sessions for each of the KS1 classes (Monday - Nightingales, Tuesday - Robins, Wednesday - Owls). The children can come along choose a book, sit and read quietly with...

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