Robins (Y1/2)

Miss Smith/Mrs Preece

Welcome to Robins

Hi and welcome to Robins. Our teacher is Miss. Smith


Must Reads KS1 master copy

Important information:


Is every Tuesday. Please make sure your child has a full P.E. kit; a white t-shirt, black shorts trainers/plimsolls with their name on.

Home Reading Books

Your child’s book will be changed every Thursday.

Reading books are changed by the child with guidance from teaching staff. Each child is expected to read regularly at home (at least 3 times per week).

Maths and English Homework

This will be given out every Thursday to be returned to be returned on Monday. It will alternate – one-week Maths the following week English.

RWInc. Phonics

This will be given out on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday.

Spelling Test

Your child will receive new spellings on a Friday to be tested the following Friday.


In Robins we encourage the children to be as independent as possible. It is their responsibility to ensure they take their books and homework out of their bags and place them into the correct baskets. If your child does not complete or return their homework they will miss their Golden Time reward on a Friday afternoon.


Science workshop in Key Stage One

This morning Key Stage One had a Science workshop with Mike. The workshop was all about friction. Mike talked to them about friction and got them to investigate friction using exercise books. The children had a lot of fun and thought it was magic!!!

Voting in the Robins

Yesterday we talked about the General Election and then we voted for what is important to us. We filled in a ballot paper and we counted our votes. Swimming Pools were the most important thing to the Robins!!!

Dinosaur Parent Workshop

Yesterday in the Robins we had a fantastic time when our parents, grandparents and carers came in. We all created a dinosaur using boxes, cartons, bottles and tubes that we had collected. The dinosaurs were amazing. Well done everyone!!!

Fun with capacity!!!

This week in Maths the Robins have been learning about capacity. We have been estimating and measuring using cups and millilitres. We had lots of fun with the water.  

We’re Going On A Bug Hunt!

Today Owls and Robins worked together to go on a mini beast trail around the school.  We visited 4 key areas of the school grounds the sports field, KS2 yard and gardens, the wild life garden then to KS1 yard and gardens.  They had great fun discussing how the best...

The egg has hatched!!!

At some time last night the egg hatched. Whatever came out the egg made a bit of a mess of the Robins classroom. The Hancock museum have been informed and we will watch this space to see if we can find what has come out the egg!!!!

People Who Help Us

In the Robins we have been looking at people in the community that help us. We had to produce pictures of people who help us and then our pictures are going to be put into the John Lewis competition. Let's hope that somebody from Key Stage One wins!!!  

Breaking News @ 6pm

A DINOSAUR DISCOVERY!!! Windy Nook made breaking news today - we found 2 dinosaur eggs in our school grounds.  We even made the 6 o 'clock news with this amazing find!!

Digging For Dinosaurs!

We have found some bones our school site. It's very exciting! PC Henderson came and cordoned off the area to keep the bones safe. We are wondering if they are dinosaur bones! We contacted the Hancock Museum and emailed them a photograph. They were very interested....

Amazing Attendance for the Robins, Snowdrops and Bluebells!!!

Well done to the Robins and Snowdrops for best attendance this half term and a big well done to the Bluebells for the most improved attendance this half term.The reward for these classes was a non uniform day on the last day of term. They also got juice and biscuits...

Plant Slider Workshop in the Robins

We had an amazing workshop in the Robins, where parents, grandparents and carers came in and helped us make our pop up plants. When they were finished they looked brilliant. Well done to everyone who came in and helped us.

Easter Bunny Hunt

Owls and Robins went on a Easter Bunny hunt around the school to see if they could find clues from the Easter Bunny.    

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