Robins (Y1/2)

Miss Wilinson

Welcome to Robins

Hi and welcome to Robins. Our teacher is Miss. Wilkinson


Must Reads KS1 master copy

Important information:


Is every Tuesday. Please make sure your child has a full P.E. kit; a white t-shirt, black shorts trainers/plimsolls with their name on.

Home Reading Books

Your child’s book will be changed every Thursday.

Reading books are changed by the child with guidance from teaching staff. Each child is expected to read regularly at home (at least 3 times per week).

Maths and English Homework

This will be given out every Thursday to be returned to be returned on Monday. It will alternate – one-week Maths the following week English.

RWInc. Phonics

This will be given out on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday.

Spelling Test

Your child will receive new spellings on a Friday to be tested the following Friday.


In Robins we encourage the children to be as independent as possible. It is their responsibility to ensure they take their books and homework out of their bags and place them into the correct baskets. If your child does not complete or return their homework they will miss their Golden Time reward on a Friday afternoon.


Marvellous maths in Robins

Robins have been super mathematicians this week. We have been matching numerals to objects and practicing forming numbers correctly.

Fun Day in KS1!

A full day of scooters, dancing, crafting and eating ice-creams. Who could ask for more?!

Mexican Food Tasting in the Robins

This afternoon in the Robins we have been tasting Mexican food. We tasted guacamole, salsa, tortillas, nachos and Mexican coleslaw. We thought that the tastes were spicy but delicious!!!

KS1 Sports Day

Today we had Key Stage one sports day on the top field. The children worked in teams and completed 10 activities. Some of our Year 6 children took charge of the teams and we had lots of fun. The winning team was orange so a big well done to them. Thank you to everyone...

My neighbour and me- connecting our communities

Windy Nook is taking part in the 'My neighbour and me- connecting our communities' project as part of our International School Award. The aim of this initiative is to share information about our school and community with another school in the local area. Our partner...

Transition Week in Year 2

Year 1 have been finding out about their new class ready for September.  They have been creating art work to decorate their new classroom. Watch this space for the finished product...

Ice-cream Treat

As we couldn't go on our trip to Saltwell park because of the rain, Key Stage One had a visit from the ice-cream van instead. We all enjoyed a delicious ice-cream. This was a lovely end to the day!!

Key Stage One School Games Day

In Key Stage One we had an absolutely amazing morning doing our School Games Day. We paraded around the yard waving our banners and flags. Nursery and Reception opened our Games with a dance and then we all joined in. After that we were put into teams and competed in...

Super Science Fayre

The Robins had a great time this afternoon showing their parents and carers their Science Investigation. They demonstrated the car and ramp investigation. They changed the height of the ramp to show how it makes the car go further and faster. After that they went on a...

Science workshop in Key Stage One

This morning Key Stage One had a Science workshop with Mike. The workshop was all about friction. Mike talked to them about friction and got them to investigate friction using exercise books. The children had a lot of fun and thought it was magic!!!

Voting in the Robins

Yesterday we talked about the General Election and then we voted for what is important to us. We filled in a ballot paper and we counted our votes. Swimming Pools were the most important thing to the Robins!!!

Dinosaur Parent Workshop

Yesterday in the Robins we had a fantastic time when our parents, grandparents and carers came in. We all created a dinosaur using boxes, cartons, bottles and tubes that we had collected. The dinosaurs were amazing. Well done everyone!!!

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