Meet The Staff

Academic Year 2016-17

Head Teacher:  Mrs L. Forrest

Deputy Head Teacher:  Mrs R. Hocking

Foundation Stage


  • Miss. S Calam

Reception (two classes)

  • Mrs K. Hopkins (Phase Leader)
  • Miss P. Fernley

Key Stage One

Y1 and Y2 (three classes)

  • Mrs J. Ferry (Phase Leader)
  • Miss A Clough
  • Mrs Short
  • Mrs A.Preece (am only).

Lower Key Stage Two

Y3 and Y4 (three classes)

  • Miss D.Smith
  • Mrs V.Smith
  • Mrs L.Hope

Upper Key Stage Two

Y5 and Y6 (Four classes a.m. – three classes p.m.)

  • Mrs. R. Hocking  (Deputy HT & LKS2 Phase Leader)
  • Mr K. Hawdon (Phase Leader UKS2)
  • Mr J. Brown
  • Mr A. Murray

Learning Support Teacher and SENCO
Mrs A. Preece

PPA Cover
Mrs S. Liddle

Management Time Cover
Mrs C. Prynn

Teaching Assistant

  • Mrs D. Pedersen-Wylie
  • Mrs. D. Cole
  • Mrs. L. Bulch
  • Mrs. M. Welsh
  • Mrs. D. Barnett
  • Mrs. D. Jones
  • Mrs. P. Radford
  • Miss. R. Cowan
  • Mrs. D. Boyle (part-time)
  • Mrs. L. Pattison (part-time)
  • Mrs. E. Mason (part-time)
  • Mrs. A. Wilson (part-time)

Administrative Officer
Mrs. M. Gerry

Administrative Assistant
Mrs. G. Riley

Family Liaison Officer
Mrs. C. Dobbing

Mr. B. Leighton


Mid-day Supervisor
Mrs. J. Cowgill

Supervisory Assistants

  • Mrs. S. Arthur
  • Mrs. J. Connon
  • Miss. D. Jones
  • Miss. L. Pearson
  • Miss. L. Hardy
  • Mrs. E. Mason.
  • Miss. S. Matfin

Catering Unit Manager
Mrs. N. Hanratty

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