Ofsted Report

Our school was last inspected by Ofsted in September 2013.
We were assessed as a GOOD school.

This is an improving school, pupils’ achievement is rising in all three key stages and provision in the Early Years Foundation Stage is now good.

The outdoor area in the Early Years Foundation Stage now provides good opportunities for learning.

The proportion of pupils who are making better progress in mathematics than would normally be expected is substantially above average.

Achievement in literacy is improving across the school, especially in reading.

Teaching is good across the school because lessons are well planned and designed to capture the interest of pupils.

The majority of lessons cater well for pupils of different abilities, so that all make at least expected progress and some do better.

Behaviour is good in lessons, and it is exceptional when pupils move around the school between classrooms. Pupils feel safe.

The headteacher has secured improvements in teaching and pupils’ achievement through effective delegation across the staff, because the efficient management of the school rests not just with one person, but with an effective team of people, including the members of the governing body

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