Art and Design


Art and Design is a foundation subject. Every child is encouraged to participate in this subject and their achievements are assessed according to the whole school policy. The skills-driven subject policy supports planning and preparation of lessons in Key Stage One and Two. The policy sets out six areas of study; painting, 3D, digital, textiles, printing and collage. 3 of the areas are studied in one school year. Each area is supported by reference to a recognised artist, the development drawing skills and exploration of the creative process. Drawing skills involve an increasing understanding of lines and marks, form and shape, tone and texture. Teachers use a wide variety of art equipment to engage and inspire learners. Visits to galleries and visitors to the school enrich children’s experience of art. At some points during the year, Art and Design curriculum will overlap other subjects and it will be delivered as a cross curricular study.

Creative development is a specific area in the Early Years curriculum, where art is taught alongside the other creative disciplines. In Nursery and Reception classes, art and design skills and understanding is part of the continuous provision. Opportunities for learning about art are planned for in both the outdoor and indoor environments. Adults teach a wide variety of techniques directly to the children. Children are given time to explore and develop their understanding of the subject at an early stage.

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