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Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2023-2024

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Basketball Team (UKS2)

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Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2022-2023

Football Team (Year 6 Boys) 2022-2023

Football Team (Year 6 Girls) 2022-2023

Athletics Team 2022-2023

Cross Country Team 2022-2023

Tag Rugby (Year 6) 2022-2023

Tag Rugby (Year 5) 2022-2023

Cheerleading Team 2022-2023

Paralympic Team 2022-2023


Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2021-2022

Boccia Team 2021-2022

Basketball Team (Year 4) 2021-2022

Basketball Team (Year 5) 2021-2022

Football Team (Year 5 boys) 2021-2022

Football Team (Year 6 girls) 2021-2022

Tag Rugby Team (Years 5/6) 2021-2022



Cross Country Team (Years 5/6) 2021-2022


Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2019-2020

Football Team (UKS2) 2019-2020

Football Team (LKS2) 2019-2020

Football Team (UKS2 – Girls) 2019-2020

Athletics Team (UKS2) 2019-2020

Netball Team (UKS2) 2019-2020

Basketball Team (LKS2) 2019-2020

Swimming Team (UKS2) 2019-2020

Boccia Team 2019-2020

Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2018-2019

Football Team 2018-2019

Football Team (Girls) 2018-2019

Athletics Team 2018-2019

Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2017-2018

Quad-kids Y3/4 Team 2017-2018

Football Team (Girls) 2017-2018

Hockey Team 2017-2018

Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2016-2017


Netball Team 2016-2017


Indoor Athletics 2016-2017

Windy Nook Primary School Teams 2015-2016




Athletics Festival

Athletics Festival

we had an amazing day at Gateshead schools partnership athletics festival at Gateshead stadium. Lots of semi finalists and finalists, a silver medal and lots of smiles! well done everyone.   Article 24: You have the right to the best quality healthcare. Article 29:...

Summer Cup Champions

Summer Cup Champions

Well done to our football team who won the Felling FA Y3/4 Summer cup The boys battled hard against some very good opposition winning all of their games in the final. They played some fantastic football, Scored great goals and defended with quality and determination....

Y3/4 Quad kids

Y3/4 Quad kids

Yesterday two teams competed in the Gateshead SSP Quad kids competition at grace college. Everyone competed in a 400m race 50m sprint, Long jump and the howler throw. All points were added together to make a team total. Windy Nook A came 3rd overall out of 25 teams...

UKS2 Cricket

UKS2 Cricket

Students from Year 5/6 took part in a cricket competition at Felling Cricket club two of our 3 teams manged to make it to the semi final and one of our teams finished 2nd and has qualified for the Gateshead finals later this academic year! All teams showed great...

Y6 Fun run

Y6 Fun run

A huge well done to our Y6 Children who all attended the Fun run at saltwell park. the children represented the school amazingly. a huge thank you to Gateshead school sports partnership for hosting the event. Article 24: You have the right to the best quality...

Y1/2 Athletics

Y1/2 Athletics

10 children from Y1/2 have had a fantastic afternoon participating in an athletics taster at Heworth. They worked together as a team and took part in relay, hurdles, sprints and lap races they had to work as a team when competing in relay baton races. Article 24: You...

Y4 Tennis

Y4 Tennis

well done to our tennis team who won silver at Cardinal Hume School. The team competed against 8 other schools to win a medal. The team showed great individual efforts winning their games and team competitions which all counts towards the total by the end. A real team...

Y3/4 Futsal Winners

Y3/4 Futsal Winners

A group of our Year 3/4 children were chosen to attend Heworth Grange school, to take part in a futsal competition. Our teams played amazingly well, scoring goals for fun scoring goals for fun all afternoon, one of our teams managed to make it all the way to the...

Amazing Hockey in LKS2

Amazing Hockey in LKS2

Yesterday students from Year 3/4 took part in a Hockey tournament a lot of the students were from the after school Hockey club the previous term. Competing in three teams all students saw success against other schools, with two of our teams making it through to the...



Students from year 4 had the opportunity to take part in Bike4health yesterday and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The students learned a variety of different skills throughout the day. Bike4health delivered  a whole school assembly on bike safety. Well done Team...



Last week students took part in a boccia event at Gateshead stadium. One of our teams managed to qualify for the county finals later on in the year. All Students showed great teamwork, and determination throughout the event. Well done Team Nook.   Article 24: You...

Basketball Finals

Basketball Finals

A Huge well done to our Y5/6 Basketball team who competed in the Gateshead Basketball Finals and finished 4th out of 50 schools. The students showed great determination throughout the competition. Article 24:you have the right to the best quality healthcare Article...