Design Technology


At Windy Nook Primary School our Design Technology includes four key areas of study: food, textiles, structures and mechanisms; from this coverage it is our intent that pupils will study each of these over a two-year cycle. Children will value the importance of doing well in the subject, the inherent enjoyment from engaging and its value – how important it is for a future goal, for example a specific job or profession.

The implementation through a series of lessons, skills and knowledge give complete experiences where learners gain an understanding of the design process: design, make, evaluate and the repetition of these skills can be seen across the phases. This approach allows the learners to find out about every day design problems and revisiting this allows knowledge and skills to become embedded.  They begin to solve problems, explore tools and techniques and learn about design in the world around them. They also gain understanding of the need for safety procedures. This subject is frequently taught through cross curricular topics, e.g. designing and making cards at Christmas. Work with younger children often involves parents working on a project alongside their children.

The impact of this teaching, learning and experience is measured through whole school assessment procedures.

In the Early Years Design & Technology is linked to Expressive Arts and Design Development. For further information please refer to the Evidencing Subjects in the Early Years at Windy Nook Primary Document or click on the link for Birth to 5 Matters