School Uniform

The school promotes wearing a school uniform (Article 8). This enables everyone to have the same standard of dress and shows equality throughout the school. Our uniforms are not gender specific.

At Windy Nook we feel strongly that the wearing of a uniform is to be encouraged in all children because:

  • it promotes pride in our school and a sense of belonging
  • it avoids what can be an unpleasant and expensive ‘designer’ label competition among children
  • it helps parents first thing every morning – there are no decisions to be taken about ‘what shall I wear for school today?’
  • from a security point of view, it clearly identifies children in our care
  • it looks wonderful!

The required uniform includes:

  • Dark Grey or black trousers /dress shorts/skirt/pinafore.
  • Blue gingham dress can be worn in the summer months.
  • A blue jumper or cardigan (with or without our school logo).
  • A white shirt, blouse or polo shirt (with or without our school logo).

Items of clothing without the school logo are available from supermarkets and high street stores, or purchased online.

Black leggings are not part of our school uniform.


Children should wear black shoes or plain black trainers. Shoes should be sensible, sturdy and safe for school. Many types of footwear (especially fashion shoes with high heels) are a source of potential accidents in school, especially in a playground situation.


For indoor PE, such as gymnastics and dance, children wear:- A plain white T shirt or one with the school logo, black shorts, black plimsolls (KS1) or bare feet (KS2)

For outdoor activities the children should wear: a plain white PE T shirt or one with the school logo, black shorts or black or grey track suit bottoms or leggings, black plimsolls or trainers .

Football strips and coloured tracksuits are not part of our PE uniform.

Some specialist clothing is needed for:

Swimming (only Year 4 and 5 pupils) ‑ swimming trunks or costume and towel

Art ‑ old shirt / apron

The commitment to wearing school uniform is one of the statements in our Home-School Agreement.

In order to promote good safety and hygiene within school, we encourage children with longer than shoulder length hair, no matter what gender, to tie it back.

False nails are also not allowed in school and any children with false nails will not be able to do PE of any sort or be allowed out on the yard at playtimes.


During term-time pupils are asked not to have fashion hairstyles which include: shaved, dyed or streaked hair, patterns, mohawks, lines and tramlines.


For details of where and how to order new uniform see details below:

find your windy nook primary school uniform here

Uniform letter re supplier



      Please note that we recommend calling for stock levels before your visit during the school holiday season.



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More Information

except for watches, which are allowed, but have to be removed for PE, Games and Swimming etc., so please ensure they are not valuable. The use of smart watches are not permitted in school.

If parents want to have their children’s ears pierced, it is suggested this is done at the beginning of the summer holiday, so that by the time the Autumn term starts, studs may be removed. Any child who has not followed this advice will not be able to do P.E. of any sort, and will be asked to remove any ear-rings during the school day.

This is a policy of Gateshead LA. and our school strongly supports it.