Religious Education (RE)


Our curriculum intent at Windy Nook originates from a core belief that religious education should provide a relevant and interactive study of religion, preparing children for later life in multi-faith Britain.

As Christianity remains the main religion followed by the British population, it will receive the appropriate level of coverage within the religious education curriculum; through careful implementation due consideration will be given to other faiths (Judaism, Hinduism and Islam) to ensure respect, tolerance and understanding for the beliefs of others are promoted and encouraged as part of our programme and education in British Values.

The impact will be measured against the adopted Gateshead’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education to ensure progression and repetition of key concept. We believe that pupils should have the opportunity:

  • TO EXPLORE the teachings, beliefs and practices of the principal faiths and belief systems in our society.
  • TO ENGAGE with the big questions about our life in the world, our value as people, our identity and our responsibilities.
  • TO REFLECT on the challenges that are presented by living in a diverse world and to develop the skills and attitudes that enable people to live well by successfully accommodating difference.

Parents have the right to withdraw children from religious lessons and collective worship;   however, it must be taken into account that these activities make a contribution to cross-curricular National Curriculum objectives and help shape them into accepting, educated individual’s in a varied community.

We have strong links with our local church where calendar events are celebrated and community projects are undertaken.

In the Early Years, RE is linked to The World – People and communities. For further information please refer to the Evidencing Subjects in the Early Years at Windy Nook Primary Document or click on the link for Birth to 5 Matters