Physical Education (PE)


​Our intent at Windy Nook Primary School is to provide Physical Education (PE) that is unique and a vital contributor to a pupil’s physical development and well-being.

Through the implementation  of a high quality PE programme (The Power of PE) which develops knowledge, skills and understanding, so that pupils can perform with increasing competence and confidence in a range of physical activities – this will be adapted to suit the needs of our children. The PE programme at Windy Nook aims to contribute to the personal development, health and well-being, enjoyment, success and achievement of all pupils across the curriculum and beyond. The PE programme allows pupils to learn, think and make decisions in different ways in response to creative, competitive and challenging activities.

A quality PE programme will have a life-long impact on children. In addition to this, it will also help them to develop personally and socially through working in teams and undertaking different roles and responsibilities. Our curriculum is designed so that it is progressive across the school. Key skills such as agility, balance and stamina are repeated and embedded each year from Reception onwards so that they can be applied to game situations and other sports.

In Upper key Stage Two, the PE curriculum works in line with Heworth Grange’s Sporting Calendar (Our secondary cluster) in a bid to help prepare children for cluster-led sporting events. Children across the school participate in a variety of cluster, cross cluster and authority wide competition events e.g. football, basketball, athletics, swimming.

As well as external sporting competitions and events, the children have the opportunity to take part in intra- house and class competitions within PE lessons. This also includes sports day and School Games day that take place in the summer term.

In order to improve and promote better health and well-being this year, we have begun to take part in The Daily Mile initiative. Children from all year groups will run a mile at least once a week, where they will challenge themselves individually by aiming to improve.

To ensure we promote a love of sport, the children are offered a variety of after school clubs including: cheerleading, bench ball, football and netball. We also have opportunities over the year for external coaches to visit to do specific workshops with children.

In the Early Years, PE is linked to Physical Development and Being Imaginative and Expressive. For further information please refer to the Evidencing Subjects in the Early Years at Windy Nook Primary Document or click on the link for Birth to 5 Matters