​Our curriculum intent is to develop children’s understanding and confidence in three elements: performance, listening and appraisal. We then break those three strands into more specific skills and have a focus on building understanding of musical vocabulary.

The implementation of this is delivered through regular music lessons where children build skills of notation, composition, rehearsal, performance and appraisal. These skills are regularly revisited and reinforced. Music is taught through a mixture of whole-class specialised peripatetic teaching (via LKS2 weekly violin lessons, UKS2 drumming workshops, KS1 singing workshops), cross-curricular music lessons (where our above-mentioned three elements are taught through the Music Express programme) and via ‘Minute of Listening’ – the latter helping pupils develop listening and appraisal skills – where vocabulary is taught and reinforced daily.

The impact is assessed through regularly-uploaded video and sound recordings. These are monitored for progression in skills and improved knowledge of key concepts.

KS1 sees the children adding the rehearsing and performing of music. Each year, the children rehearse and perform a Christmas Nativity. KS2 then builds in composition and appraisal. As well as this, music tuition is offered by brass, woodwind, strings and percussion teachers. Musical performance is celebrated through a range of events e.g. Christmas Carol Service, Easter Service, pantomime, Summer Concert, school productions etc. Children sing every day during assembly and our school choir enjoy performing in school and the wider community.

In the Early Years, Music is linked to Expressive Arts and Design Development. For further information please refer to the Evidencing Subjects in the Early Years at Windy Nook Primary Document or click on the link for Birth to 5 Matters There is a strong focus on singing and listening to music and sounds. In the Early Years, Music is linked to Expressive Arts and Design Development.