Art and Design


At Windy Nook Primary School, the intent of our Art and Design curriculum is to open up the world of art to children by introducing them to different artists, styles and different experiences through a range of techniques (textiles, drawing, painting, 3D, digital media, collage, printing).

The implementation of drawing skills involves an increasing understanding of lines and marks, form and shape, tone and texture which are regularly revisited. Painting, which can include printing, develops an understanding of colour and texture. Sculpture will allow the children to work creatively with materials and techniques, using an additive process (construction) or through taking away (carving). At some points during the year, Art and Design curriculum will overlap other subjects and it will be delivered as a cross curricular study. Each topic will link to recognised artists, designers or architects. Teachers use a wide variety of art equipment intended to engage and inspire learners. Visits to galleries and visitors to the school enrich children’s experience of art.

The impact of teaching, learning and experience is measured through observations, sketchbooks and displayed work throughout school and in line with our whole school policy. We also collect a range of children’s work from each year group for an ‘Art Progress across the years’ folder to allow a clear visual of progress through the ages.  

Creative development is a specific area in the Early Years curriculum, where art is taught alongside the other creative disciplines. In Nursery and Reception classes, art and design skills and understanding is part of the continuous provision. Opportunities for learning about art are planned for in both the outdoor and indoor environments. Adults teach a wide variety of techniques directly to the children. Children are given time to explore and develop their understanding of the subject at an early stage.

In the Early Years, Art and Design is linked to Expressive Arts and Design Development. For further information please refer to the Evidencing Subjects in the Early Years at Windy Nook Primary Document or click on the link for