This year, we are implementing the ‘Minute of Listening’ across the whole school. This is one minute, every day, where classes listen together to a sound clip. They will then have a short discussion about it. The key-skills we are aiming to drive are listening and responding to music.  We will also be using the Music Express scheme of work, across school. This will involve matching music skills to other elements of our skills-driven curriculum. Music tuition is offered in school through woodwind, brass and percussion peripatetic teachers. Other services are invited into school to celebrate the performing elements of music; in November, we will record a Christmas CD. This will involve each class singing and recording a Christmas song. There will also be an instrumental rendition, from our brass, string and woodwind players. Extra-curricular performing arts will include pantomime, choir and the Summer Concert. In a bid to embed music  and digital literacy into a curriculum, we are devising a cross-curricular drive on poetry and music. This will include analysing work of the selected poets of each phase.

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