Beeches (Y6)

Mr Hawdon


Welcome to Beeches

Our teacher is Mr. Hawdon!

In year 6 we believe in working hard, whilst having fun. We hope you enjoy visiting our class blog.



UKS2 essential reads

Important information:

Homework will be given out on a Friday and returned the following Thursday (Maths, Grammar and Reading Comprehension)

Spellings are expected to be practised regularly over the week.

P.E. is on a Tuesday – children are expected to have their kit to participate (P.E. kit will be taken home after use and not left on school premises).

Swimming is on a Friday morning –  children are expected to have their kit to participate (Swimming kit will be taken home after use and not left on school premises).

If your child is having a school lunch please ensure that payment is brought in at the beginning of the week.



Science in the Beeches

This week has seen the beeches carrying out another investigation - testing the thermal conductivity of materials. Please add your thoughts in the comment box...

Figurative language in the Beeches!

This week the Beeches have been learning all about figurative language in English - similes, metaphors and personification. We all agree that it makes our writing more interesting and even funny at times. Can you write one in the comments...

Year 5/6 visit to Ouseburn and Seven Stories

What a fantastic day! Elms, Beeches and Oaks went to Ouseburn Farm and Seven Stories to participate in a range of activities including, learning about the nature in the Valley to potting seeds and listening to Micheal Morpurgo plans and writes books. Huge thank you to...

Testing materials in the Beeches.

In science today we tested a range of materials to see which one was the hardest. Can you comment below on our findings please Beeches? Thanks,...

Volcanoes erupting!

We've been learning about volcanoes in the Beeches both this week and last. This is your challenge Beeches - can you post at least one thing that you've learned so far about volcanoes...

Cześć from the Beeches

A great day in the Beeches yesterday as we celebrated European Day of Languages - we choose Poland and tried out various food...

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