Elms (Y5)

Mrs Hope

Welcome to Elms

We are the Elms and are looking forward to working hard in Year 5 our teacher is Mrs.Hope







Important Information:

Homework will be given out on Friday and will be due in on Wednesdays. Homework will comprise English, Maths and Spelling. Spellings will be tested weekly on Fridays.

Reading should take place at home every night, and diaries should be completed and brought into school on a daily basis.

P.E. is on Fridays each week. Please ensure your child has in school a full P.E. kit, including trainers. P.E. kits will be taken home after use.

Please ensure all school lunch money is paid weekly on a Monday morning.

War Poetry in Year 5

Over the past few weeks, Year 5 have been using the work of war poets to inspire their writing. We have focused on the work of soldier poet Wilfred Owen, and have explored the language and themes of his famous poem 'Dulce Et Decorum Est'. We are in the process of...

Girls Storm to Final!

What an excellent performance last night from our girl's football team! Great attitude as always and the drive to win help to carry them through to the finals in two weeks time. Match report to follow. [gallery...

Developing resilience in Maths – Year 5

This week in Maths Year 5 have been consolidating their knowledge of equivalent fractions. Today, Mrs Hope and Mr Murray set us the challenge of completing an equivalent fractions puzzle, which required us to apply our knowledge of simplifying fractions and equivalent...

A Tasty Afternoon

As part of our new topic, the class tasted a wide variety of biscuits.  They commented on the texture, taste and appearance of each biscuit before writing a short review about each one. Titled A Yummy Christmas, the class will research current biscuits and then design...

Halloween Disco – Years 4, 5 and 6

Years 4,5 and 6 had a fantastic time at their Halloween disco! All of the children looked fantastic, and were absolutely terrifying! All of the children and staff would like to say a huge thank you to the PTFA for organising such a fantastic event. These photographs...

Freaky Faces

Elms decided to contribute some spooky crafts to the Autumn Fayre.  The children made ghosts, ghouls, Frankensteins, monsters and pumpkins. These will all be on sale during the fayre tomorrow so please come along to grab a ghost before they all disappear.  

Crisis averted!

To conclude our topic on volcanoes Elms took part in a real time decision making activity based on the volcano eruption of Montserrat.  Split into teams of 3 information was received from the helicopter pilot overlooking the eruption.  The information was passed to...

Elms – Criminal Detectives

This week in Elms we've been tackling long multiplication, which is a difficult skill to master.  Throughout the week the children have been gaining confidence in the method and their table facts to finally crack it. This was put to the test as the children became...

Year 5/6 visit to Ouseburn and Seven Stories

What a fantastic day! Elms, Beeches and Oaks went to Ouseburn Farm and Seven Stories to participate in a range of activities including, learning about the nature in the Valley to potting seeds and listening to Micheal Morpurgo plans and writes books. Huge thank you to...

Explosive Elms

In Elms this week we enjoyed tasting Portuguese food as part of European Language Day.  Our main piece of writing came from our research on volcanoes.  We now know the types of volcanoes, how they are formed and some fascinating facts: Did you know? The word 'volcano'...

Creating Comic Strips

The Elms have been using the short film animation The Piano for their English work.  We used effective vocabulary to describe what each character might have been saying or feeling.  This was then put into the style of a comic strip.

Goodbye Elms 2015-16

So, we have finally reached the last day of the academic year, and what a fantastic year it has been in Elms! My first year at Windy Nook has passed by in the blink of an eye, but Elms have made some fantastic memories this year. The children in Elms have been a...

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