School Uniform

The school promotes a school uniform, some of which can be ordered through the school. Otherwise parents are encouraged to buy clothes which follow the school colours ‑ royal blue sweat shirts, white polo/dress/tee shirts, dark grey skirts and trousers (black leggings are not to be worn as part of our school uniform). All children should wear  black shoes or trainers.

At Windy Nook we feel strongly that the wearing of a uniform is to be encouraged in all children because:

  • it promotes pride in our school and a sense of belonging
  • it avoids what can be an unpleasant and expensive ‘designer’ label competition among children
  • it helps parents first thing every morning – there are no decisions to be taken about ‘what shall I wear for school today?’
  • from a security point of view, it clearly identifies children in our care
  • it looks wonderful!


The commitment to wearing school uniform is one of the statements in our Home-School Agreement.

P.E kit comprises a plain white tee shirt, black shorts and black sandshoes or trainers.

All items of school clothing should be clearly marked with the pupil’s name. No responsibility is accepted for the safe keeping of personal property brought into school.

Some specialist clothing is needed for:

  • Swimming (only Year 5 and 6 pupils) ‑ swimming trunks or costume and towel
  • Art ‑ old shirt / apron




More Information

except for watches, which are allowed, but have to be removed for PE, Games and Swimming etc., so please ensure they are not valuable.

If parents want to have their children’s ears pierced, it is suggested this is done at the beginning of the summer holiday, so that by the time the Autumn term starts, studs may be removed. Any child who has not followed this advice will not be able to do P.E. of any sort, and will be asked to remove any ear-rings during the school day.

This is a policy of Gateshead LA. and our school strongly supports it.


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