As part of our PSHE curriculum, Year 5 had an exciting visit to Safetyworks! today. Each group visited a different interactive area of the centre to learn about staying safe inside and outside of the home. During road safety, children learnt how to cross a road safely; why looking right first is most important when crossing; and how to use the different types of road crossings. They then visited a house where they looked at electrical safety; how to ensure sockets aren’t overloaded; how to check fire alarms and evacuate a building safely; and when and how to call 999. Blue Cross for Pets then talked about how to read dogs’ body language; how to approach and stroke dogs safely; and what to do if a dog chases you. Children then visited the metro station where they learned about rail safety including where to stand on a platform; how to navigate level crossings, stopping distances of metros and trains; and the dangers surround electricity and rail. Finally, they looked at water safety and learnt how to spot dangers around water; what to do if you find yourself in trouble in the water; and how to read the different flags at the beach.

It was a fun and informative trip and everyone took some new learning away from it. We hope the children spread the important messages to those at home!

Article 24: You have the right to the best health care possible, safe water to drink, nutritious food, a clean and safe environment, and information to help you stay well.

Article 27: You have the right to food, clothing, a safe place to live and to have your basic needs met. You should not be disadvantaged so that you can’t do many of the things other kids can do.

Article 39: You have the right to help if you’ve been hurt, neglected or badly treated