Bluebells (Y3)

Miss Crowe

Welcome to Bluebells

We are the Bluebells.

Our teacher is Miss. Crowe. Miss. Crowe is always ready to help with any task, no matter how small. Never be afraid to ask.

Our ethos is ‘Work hard and always try your best’.


Important information:


Homework is given out on Fridays and returned the following Thursday. This will consist of maths, grammar and vocabulary.
Spellings and times table are expected to be practised regularly over the week. We take home a new set of spellings every Monday, to learn for our test each Friday.
P.E. is on a Monday – children are expected to have their kit to participate (P.E. kit will be taken home after use and not left on school premises).
If your child is having a school lunch please ensure that payment is now done through our online payment service

Art week in Bluebells!

This week, to mark the anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci's death the Bluebells have been looking at some of his work and recreated a modern version of the Mona Lisa. Using the techniques they learnt during last term's Pop Art topic, they traced an image of the Mona...

Year 3/4 Rugby League

Children from Year 3 and 4 playing tag rugby league at Gateshead Stadium this afternoon.  Both teams played extremely well, only losing one game between the two.  Not only did they show great skills and teamwork but got a chance to do some speed work with a member of...

Welcome Back Gardening Club!

What a glorious day for the first gardening club of summer term! Everyone got stuck in removing the weeds that have grown over the Easter holidays and have started to dig out the flower beds in reception ready for a revamp!  

An introduction to Joan Miro in Spanish

As part of our topic this term, the Bluebells are learning about Joan Miro. He is a Spanish artist, who specializes in surrealism. This week, we had a look at a number of his different pieces and discussed his use of shape. We then translated a number of captions from...

Easter Egg Winners!

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Easter egg design competition. Zoe from the Co-op at Beacon Lough came along to judge the entries. The winning entries were: Nursery - Alex B Dragonflies - Gabriella A Ladybirds - Jackie G Robins—Matthew P Owls—Carter P...

Mapping Marvels

Article 12: you have the right to an opinion and to be listened to. Article 13: You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way unless it harms or offends other people. Article 28: You have...

House point winners’ reward

Emeralds were the winning house this term. They enjoyed their house point rewards this afternoon. It was great to see so many board games being enjoyed. I wonder who will win next term. Article 31: You have the right to play and rest.  

Key Stage Two Easter Service 2019

Key Stage Two performed their Easter Service at St Alban's Church for parents and carers this week. Year 5 took the lead, retelling the Easter story. The narrators and readers all did a fantastic job. We also sang and signed a range of songs, led by the ever brilliant...

Working our muscles in Bluebells

This week in Bluebells we are doing a science experiment all about how string our muscles are. Today, in our PE session we started the experiment by doing two activities; a wall sit, and spring jumps. The children all timed how long they could do the wall sit for and...

Super Spring disco!

A good time was had by all at our Spring disco. Music, dancing, games, food, fun and friends...what more could you ask for? A huge thank you to our PTFA for organising it. Article 31: You have the right to play and rest...

Judo Workshop

Over the last two days, children have had a thirty minute Judo taster session.  Children had a brief overview of the rules and tried some of the holds and throws.  Thank you to Destination Judo - Gateshead for coming along. Article 29: Your education should help you...

Art in the style of Roy Lichtenstein

Our latest topic in Year 3 and 4 is Perfect Pop Art. Over the last few weeks we have been looking at and analysing some of the most famous pop artists' work. This week's focus has been on Roy Lichtenstein and his comic strip style pictures. The children in Bluebells...

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