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Dragonflies’ I love You Day

I love you day was celebrated today in the Dragonflies. There was a crafty session, singing, cards, flowers and hugs and kisses. Have a look at all the fun in the photos

Reception’s Igloo

It's hard to remember that it was only last week when everywhere was covered in snow, particularly when today has been such a lovely day. Last Friday there was snow everywhere in the Reception yard and the children have become very familiar with snow this Winter,...

Everybody dance now!

Children from Dragonflies and afternoon Nursery were excited to join in with the Zumba day for Mrs Greaves. Their dance moves were excellent. She would have loved every minute of it.

EYFS Hearts & Friendship Disco

The Nursery and Reception children had a lovely time at the Hearts and Friendship disco yesterday. They all arrived in their party outfits and began to skip, chase and dance with their friends straight away. They played fun games like pass the love heart and cupid...

Nothing in for dinner? Let’s have a Chinese Take-away

Chinese New Year took place in the holidays this year. Dragonflies children didn't want to let the celebration go unmarked, so they're doing lots of learning about it this week. Everyone can get the take away menu and call in with their order; noodles, dumplings,...

Brilliant Buddies

There lots of reading going on in Reception. Everyone knows THAT! But now there's even reading at lunchtimes. Lots of children in Dragonflies and Ladybirds classes have their own reading buddy from Years 5 and 6. They meet up at lunchtimes, read books together and...

Healthy food is yummy!

Children in the Dragonflies class are leaning about a very special topic. It's all about healthy lifestyles. They have made sandwiches in a healthy eating cafe; squeezed juice from oranges and lemons; disco danced to keep fit; read gym cards to run, hop, jump and...

The last big adventure of 2017

It was the last day of the autumn term and a big adventure was planned for Reception children. Everyone came in their outdoor clothes and had their wellies ready. There was a drink and a biscuit before departure; just to keep us going. The weather was beautiful when...

Ladybirds’ Festive Fun

This morning the children in the Ladybirds class have had lots of fun playing with their toys and sharing them with their friends. After playing with their toys we went to the top field for an adventure, lots of children had noticed the changes from the last time we...

Party Animals

Have a look at the gorgeous party outfits today in the Dragonflies class. 

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