Robins (Y1/2)

Miss Wilinson

Welcome to Robins

Hi and welcome to Robins. Our teacher is Miss. Wilkinson


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Important information:


Is every Tuesday. Please make sure your child has a full P.E. kit; a white t-shirt, black shorts trainers/plimsolls with their name on.

Home Reading Books

Your child’s book will be changed every Thursday.

Reading books are changed by the child with guidance from teaching staff. Each child is expected to read regularly at home (at least 3 times per week).

Maths and English Homework

This will be given out every Thursday to be returned to be returned on Monday. It will alternate – one-week Maths the following week English.

RWInc. Phonics

This will be given out on a Thursday to be returned the following Thursday.

Spelling Test

Your child will receive new spellings on a Friday to be tested the following Friday.


In Robins we encourage the children to be as independent as possible. It is their responsibility to ensure they take their books and homework out of their bags and place them into the correct baskets. If your child does not complete or return their homework they will miss their Golden Time reward on a Friday afternoon.


World Class at Word Class!

In Year 2 we have been looking at adverbs, verbs, adjectives and nouns. We sorted lots of words into the correct word group. Try this challenge!   Which word class does this word belong to? cycle  

E safety workshop in Year 2

Today Year 2 had lots of fun learning about Esafety. They know they must never share their personal information with strangers online.

‘Geordie Boy’ song

Robins have been practising a song from last week. Richard (That History Bloke) taught us the words - we are really good at singing the chorus....

Bollywood comes to Windy Nook

Year 2 had another energising start to the day learning Bhangra dancing. It was a great way to warm up after walking to school in the snow!   nother

That History Bloke!

Robins have had an extremely busy and enjoyable morning! We had a visit from 'That History Bloke' (who's real name is Richard) who taught us all about George Stephenson. We thoroughly enjoyed making our own candle using bee's wax. We found out that miners during...

Super Snowmen 3D shapes

Today Year 2 have been creating 3D shapes from nets. It was very tricky and took a lot of concentration but just look at the results! We made cylinders, triangular prisms, cones, cuboids, square based pyramids and cubes.

Investigating Shapes in Year 2

Year 2 have been investigating the properties of 2D  shapes. We have been comparing regular and irregular shapes and we can explain the difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes. We have started looking at 2D shape faces on 3D shapes. We can't wait to...

Robins take part in a traffic survey!

During topic this afternoon Robins completed a tally chart during a traffic survey. They all looked very professional holding their clip boards! The most popular mode of transport was cars followed by vans and buses.

Santa’s workshop in Robins!

  Robins have been very busy making and gift wrapping a very special present for their families. Everyone persevered with the wrapping paper and sellotape even though it was quite tricky! We made sure that all of the gaps were sealed up to ensure that there will...

Making 24

Even with only 5 sleeps to Christmas Year 2 are full of mathematical ideas! 

KS1 Christmas Party

What fun we all had at out Christmas party playing lots of games and having a dance.  We were very lucky to get a special visitor stop by!

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