Tulips (Y4)

Mr Murray

Welcome to Tulips

Our teacher is Mr. Murray!

Our class philosophy is to work hard, encourage one another and have fun!


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Important information:

Homework will be given out on a Friday and returned the following Thursday (Maths, Grammar, Reading Comprehension and Vocabulary)

Diaries are to be brought in on a daily basis and signed when your child has read at home. Spellings and times table are expected to be practised regularly over the week.

P.E. is on a Thursday – children are expected to have their kit to participate (P.E. kit will be taken home after use and not left on school premises).

If your child is having a school lunch please ensure that payment is brought in at the beginning of the week.



Julius Caesar The Roman Geezer in Tulips!

We've had lots of fun in Tulips this term learning all about the Roman Empire. As part of our topic, we have designed and made Roman helmets and shields. We used lots of different cutting and painting skills and think they look fantastic! You would be scared to fight...

Our last message!

Tulips created a human bar chart of our favourite topic of 2014-15. Our Rainforests topic was the winner!   We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout the year- whether it was coming into school to take part in organised events or...

Windy Nook Maths Trail

Tulips had lots of fun on our recent Maths trail around the school grounds. We want to say a big 'thank you' to everyone who took time out to help us!  

Making sandwiches!

We designed, made and evaluated sandwiches fit for a Tudor royal. We had great fun making them...and eating them!  


We have been learning about the signs and symbols associated with Judaism. Ask us what facts we have learnt!  

Keeping Windy Nook tidy!

Tulips and Year 4 children from the Snowdrops worked with the local council and police to discuss the consequences of dropping  litter in their local area.  

Windy Nook Out Wild

Tulips have been helping to enhance our outdoor area as part of Windy Nook Out Wild! We created our own art structures to place around the Willow Dome and the path next to our yard. We want to say a huge 'thank you!' to everyone who came along to help us.

Habitat explorers

Tulips have been learning all about habitats and discussed how many different habitats there are around our school. We went on a walk around the school grounds to see which animals and plants we could spot and where they were.  

Weather forecasters!

Tulips enjoyed creating and presenting their own weather forecasts on the climate in the tropics, as part of our Rainforests topic!

Bird watching!

Tulips loved the chance to create tally charts on birds spotted in the school grounds as part of the RSPB 2015 Bird Watch.  

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