School Governance

Windy Nook Governing Body Structure

Full Governing Body – We meet as a full governing body twice a term.


Pupils and Curriculum Committee – meets at least once a term, but often more.

Resources Committee – meets at least once a term, but often more.

Personnel Committee, Appeals Committee & Pupil Discipline Committee – meets if required.

Head Teacher Performance Management – meets at the start of the year to set targets for the Head teacher and at the end of the year to review targets.

Appeals Committee – meets if required.


Other Governor roles

GAP – Governor attendance Panel meets at least once a term with parents to discuss particular attendance concerns

GLAM – Governor Leadership and Management meets once a term to keep the Chair and Vice Chair informed of any school developments


Governor Impact Statement 2015-2016

The major concern to the governors is ensuring that our pupils progress appropriately in their education and appreciate that for this to happen the pupils must be supported by a well led, enthusiastic, professionally competent and motivated staff.

For a full copy of this statement please click on the link below


Governor Membership – Information for School Website Autumn 2016
Name of School: Windy Nook Primary School


Governor and Associate Members Category

(see notes)

Date of appointment Term

of Office

Body Appointed or

Elected by

Position of

Responsibility (if any)



(see notes)

Attendance Academic

Year 15/16

Attendance Academic

Year 15/16

Reg Full Gov Body


Committee Meetings
Mrs. Victoria Billings p 04/04/14 04/04/18 p Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of Resources committee

Committee 1 and 2 3/3 3/3
Mrs. Lynn Coulson C 04/02/16 04/02/20 GB   Committee 1 and 2 2/2 2/2
Mr. Stuart Davidson C 01/11/16 01/11/20 GB   Committee 1 NA NA
Mrs. Lucie Forrest HT 01/09/15   Ex Officio   Committee 1 and 2 3/3 9/9
Mr. Kevin Hawdon C 17/04/13 17/4/17 GB     3/3 2/3
Mrs. Rachel Hocking S 20/09/15 20/09/19 S   Committee 2 3/3 2/3
Mr. John McGagh C 29/09/16 29/9/20 GB   Committee 2 NA NA
Mr. Gordon Matchett C 04/02/20 04/02/20 GB   Committee 1 2/2 2/2
Miss. Rachel Mullen LA 15/12/15 15/12/19 LA   Committee 2 2/2 2/2
Mr. Andrew Murray C 26/03/14 26/03/18 C   Committee 2 3/3 2/3
Mrs. Julie Wiper P 13/11/13 13/11/17 P Chair of Governors

 Chair of Curriculum committee

Committee 1 and 2 3/3 6/6
Miss. Chantel Mulholland C   Resigned from post Sept 2016 GB Chair of Governors

 Chair of Curriculum committee

Committee 2 3/3 6/6
Head Teacher (HT)Staff (S)Parent (P)Co-opted (C)Foundation (F)Local Auth (LA)
Associate (A)
Diocese (D)
Local Authority (LA)
Governing Body (GB)
Parents – elected (P)
Staff – elected (S)
Head Teacher =Ex Officio

Committee 1 – Resources

Committee 2 – Curriculum and Pupils


Julie Wiper

Hi, I am Julie Wiper, current chair of governors at Windy Nook. I was elected as a parent governor in October 2013 and in September 2016 took on the role of chair following election by the governing body. I have two children at Windy Nook and live locally so have a personal interest in the school.  I am committed to supporting the school and work of the head teacher and management team to ensure that together we are providing the best possible education for the children at Windy Nook.

I chair the pupils and curriculum committee and I am also part of the resources committee and the designated governor for health and safety. I am regularly in school for governor monitoring. I particularly enjoy this part of the governance role as it involves talking to the children and teachers about a whole host of areas that collectively form objectives on our Windy Nook School Development Plan. As governors we are required to scrutinise, challenge and really understand the desired outcomes and thinking behind the Schools development Plan. The children at Windy Nook are always a joy to chat to and are very eloquent. They are a true representation of what this school is really all about.

My professional background is in the NHS, I qualified in 1996 as a podiatrist, in 2008 I moved into a more specialised role within Diabetes, managing complications of the lower limb and foot.  The skills I bring to the governing body include leadership and management experience, organisational skills, risk assessment, project management and knowledge of safeguarding.

Being a governor is a very rewarding job, seeing and understanding what goes on behind the scenes to enable our school to run effectively and be accountable is quite remarkable. Our current team of governors are extremely dedicated and provide a vast skill mix to facilitate effective challenge, drive change and continually improve Windy Nook School.


Lynn Coulson

I have been a community governor since February 2016. As a member of St Alban’s church for most of my life I am keen to continue the links between church and school. Windy Nook’s Christmas Carol service is one of the best attended events in the church year and we also enjoy welcoming pupils and parents to the Easter service. This year has seen the development of a wildflower garden around the perimeter of the churchyard and the school has been actively involved in the planting. We can’t wait for the first daffodils and then wild flowers this Spring.

I retired in Summer 2015 after teaching for over 20 years. I started my career in primary education (including two terms at Windy Nook) before moving into Special Educational Needs which saw me spend most of my career in an 11 – 16 secondary school in Consett. I specialised in assessing and teaching students with dyslexia which also involved training other staff.

Later in my career I became a Head of Year, responsible for pastoral care of a year group as well as monitoring their learning.

I am keen to continue my involvement in education and see the early years of a child’s learning journey as vital to their future achievement.

Windy Nook is a vibrant, successful school with a committed and caring staff and I am privileged to be a governor.


Gordon Matchett

I became a co-opted governor in February 2016.  I am member of the resourcing and finance committee, as well as the governor linked to the Governor Attendance Panel.

I am a contracting project manager and have worked across various companies in the North East, mainly focussing transformational change programs drive by IT changes.

I have two daughters, one at Kells Lane Primary school and the other starting in Sept 2017.


Stuart Davidson

I’m a recently appointed co-opted Governor who lives local to the school with my wife and two young sons. I am passionate about the life chances of the young people in our area and very much look forward to playing an active part in the life of such a vibrant and happy school. I work with computers and software in education and hope to be able to use that experience to help our school make best use of new technologies and software and also to assist in getting the very best value from suppliers and systems through my membership of the resources committee.


John McGagh

I became a co – opted governor in September 2016.  I am married with two primary aged daughters. Professionally, I worked for many years in arts development: with New Writing North, Live Theatre, Durham Literature Festival and then developing creative projects in schools across the North East with the Creative Partnerships programme (Arts Council England).

Recently I have been involved in developing website content and I am treasurer for the PTA at Rowlands Gill Primary School.  In my role as school governor, I would like to make a difference to the learning experiences and ultimately life chances of children in Gateshead.


Rachel Mullen

My name is Rachel Mullen, I am a local authority governor and have sat on the governing body since December 2015, I contribute to the Pupils and Curriculum committee. I have a background of being a union representative within my place of work, and also sit on the executive council of that union which I believe has given me the confidence to ask questions and raise queries when necessary. Since I have sat on the governing body I have also been elected as a Councillor for Windy Nook and Whitehills, the ward in which the school is placed.


Kevin Hawdon

I became a school governor back in April 2013. As a full time classroom teacher I thought that this would give me a different perspective of how the school works. Both of my daughters attended tis school, therefore I have some understanding of what it is like being a parent at Windy Nook as well. Currently I am working in year 6 with a temporary TLR leading maths throughout the school. In addition to this I also oversee the administration aspect of the school website.


Andrew Murray

I was elected a co-opted governor in February 2014.  Prior to qualifying as a teacher, I worked for Windy Nook Methodist Church as a children’s worker.  Part of my remit was to deliver assemblies and work in collaboration with local primary schools.  I have always found Windy Nook Primary to be a very warm and vibrant school.

Since then I have qualified as a primary school teaching and worked in the school on placement.  During this year I am teaching Year 5 at the school and have become a staff governor.  It has been a privilege to work as part of the school team under various roles.


Governor Record of Pecuniary Interests

Windy Nook Primary School

Disclosures by members of the Governing Body of the above named school of pecuniary interest in contracts, proposed contracts or other matters

Name of Governor Date of Disclosure Whether disclosure made at Governors’ meeting or other occasion Nature of interest / Business relationship with company or personal

(including membership of other Governing Bodies and relationships with members of staff)

Victoria Billings 4/11/15 Governing Body None Victoria Billings
Rachel Hocking 4/11/15 Governing Body None Rachel Hocking
Lucie Forrest 4/11/15 Governing Body None Lucie Forrest
Julie Wiper 4/11/15 Governing Body None Julie Wiper
Kevin Hawdon 4/11/15 Governing Body None Kevin Hawdon
Andrew Murray 13/10/15 Governing Body Now a member of the teaching staff Andrew Murray
John McGagh 13/10/16 Governing Body None John McGagh
Gordon Matchett 7/2/17 Other occasion None Gordon Matchett
Lynn Coulson 7/2/17 Other occasion None Lynn Coulson
Rachel Mullen 7/2/17 Other occasion None Rachel Mullen
Stuart Davidson 6/2/17 Other occasion None Stuart Davidson
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