Bluebells (Y3)

Miss Crowe

Welcome to Bluebells

We are the Bluebells.

Our teacher is Miss. Crowe. Miss. Crowe is always ready to help with any task, no matter how small. Never be afraid to ask.

Our ethos is ‘Work hard and always try your best’.


Important information:

Spellings will be given out on a Monday to be tested on the Friday. These are expected to be practised at home regularly.

Homework will be given out on a Friday and returned the following Wednesday. Spellings and times table are expected to be practised regularly over the week.

P.E. is on a Monday- children are expected to have their kit to participate (P.E. kit will be taken home after use and not left on school premises).

If your child is having a school lunch please ensure that payment is brought in at the beginning of the week.


Roman Day in LKS2

LKS2 had a fantastic day today to begin their new topic Julius Caesar; Roman Geezer. They took part in a range of activities such as learning about Roman numerals, making headdresses, playing a popular Roman game (Rota), learning a song and enjoying a feast. They came...

Welcome to the Bluebells

I am extremely pleased with how the Bluebells have been working hard and settled quickly into school life in KS2. They are adapting well to new routines and I am sure this will continue. In Literacy, they have been concentrating on various aspects, including...

Key Stage 2 Sports Day

Yesterday was the Key Stage Two Sports Day. The children worked in teams and completed 12 activities. They then competed in year group running races. We even had a parents race!!! The weather was very kind to us and the children had a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone...

My neighbour and me- connecting our communities

Windy Nook is taking part in the 'My neighbour and me- connecting our communities' project as part of our International School Award. The aim of this initiative is to share information about our school and community with another school in the local area. Our partner...

Violin Showcase

Wow! Lower Key Stage 2 have just completed their Violin Showcase in front of a very impressed set of parents. Despite being cooped up inside most of the day due to the horrible weather, the children were fantastic and behaved so well from start to finish. Their...

Elephant Toothpaste Experiment

On Wednesday, the children had a fabulous time carrying out their experiments during our science day. In the morning, they had a session delivered from science specialist Mike Fletcher where they had to make toothpaste and test its effectiveness. In the afternoon,...

Bluebells at The Botanic Gardens

Today the Bluebells, Snowdrops and Tulips were lucky enough to visit the Botanic Gardens in Durham. The trip linked to our latest topic ‘Let it Grow’. Everyone had a great time both exploring the wildlife and plants, as well as listening to Mike who took us on a tour...

Violin Rehearsal

I am extremely proud of how the Bluebells are developing their technique to play the violin.   They have worked hard throughout the year to listen to Mrs Cuggy and I cannot wait for parents to come and listen to them play at our performance in...

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