Elms (Y5)

Mrs Hope

Welcome to Elms

We are the Elms and are looking forward to working hard in Year 5 our teacher is Mrs.Hope







Important Information:

Homework will be given out on Friday and will be due in on Wednesdays. Homework will comprise English, Maths and Spelling. Spellings will be tested weekly on Fridays.

Reading should take place at home every night, and diaries should be completed and brought into school on a daily basis.

P.E. is on Fridays each week. Please ensure your child has in school a full P.E. kit, including trainers. P.E. kits will be taken home after use.

Please ensure all school lunch money is paid weekly on a Monday morning.

Another huge step to the title!

What an excellent display (as always) from our 'Footy Nookers'. Their attitude was as ever outstanding...and the footy matched it as well. Article 29: Your education should help you use and develop your talents and abilities. It should also help you learn to live...

Mrs Broomhall’s Morning Class Half Term Homework

Y5 English- 52- Apostrophes for possession Maths-25- Multiplication Y6 English-57- Apostrophes for possession Maths- 21-22- Multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000 Reading- 22- Poems about Knights In addition to this, next half term we will be having a real push...

Year 5/6 Tag Rugby

Yesterday three teams from Year 5/6 took part in a Tag Rugby tournament at Winlaton Rugby Club.  This is a new tournament for the school to enter and the children showcased their skills and enthusiasm for the game.  Two of our teams came runners up in each group and...

Working Scientifically in Elms

This afternoon, Elms worked together to set up an investigation into rusting. This links to our science topic for next term, which is irreversible change. We discussed the causes of rust, and how to slow down and accelerate the process. We are using four different...

Borrow a Book!

Article 28: You have the right to an education. Key Stage 2's library sessions are up and running and as you can see they are very popular. They run every lunchtime from 12.30 - 1 p.m. If you have not been along yet to borrow a book why not pop in next week. Monday –...

Investigating Prime Numbers in Year 5

This morning in Maths, we used counters to investigate which numbers are prime. We tried to form arrays. This helped us to identify which numbers were prime. We used lots of fantastic mathematical vocabulary and conjecture, asking ourselves questions such as 'Can...

Mrs Broomhall’s Morning Class Homework 11.10.18

Here is this week's homework. As normal it is due in for next Thursday. Y5 English- p40-41- Sentence Practice Maths-p26-27- Solving Problems   Y6 Comprehension- P14- Pompeii English- p26-27- Linking paragraphs Maths-p18-p19- Multiples   This week's spellings...

Elms, Oaks and Beeches explore the Ouseburn Valley

Today all of the classes in Upper Key Stage 2 had a wonderful time visiting the Ouseburn Valley. At Seven Stories we visited a fantastic multi sensory exhibition about the work of the Felling Author David Almond. We had a fantastic time exploring the gallery and...

Gardening Club get planting!

The children have been hard at work in Gardening Club clearing the weeds from the flowerbeds to plant some bulbs and sow some wildflower seeds. They learnt a lot about effective planting from Rob and can't wait to see them begin to grow! Article 29: Your education...

Mrs Hope’s Morning Class: Homework

Homework for Mrs Hope's morning class, due 11.10.18: Grammar: p16&17 Maths: p18&19 Comprehension: The Iron Man p.12 & 13 Spellings: Spellings to be tested 12.10.18 Some root words don’t change when the suffix able is added. For some words, the final ‘e’ is...

Mrs Broomhall’s Morning Group Homework

Here is this week's homework. As usual it is due in next Thursday. Y5 English- p.22 Conjunctions Maths-p.19 Subtraction   Y6 English- p.22 Conjunctions Maths-p.26 Word Problems Comprehension-p12 The Iron Man. Fiction Spellings this week are all words with the...

Mrs Broomhall’s Morning Groups Homework

Here is this week's homework. Don't forget that we will share it and do our spelling test next Thursday. Y5 English-p12-13 Maths-p18 Y6 Comprehension-p.18 English-p6-7 Maths-p8-p9    

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